Years in the making, the highly expected GRIEF vinyl reissues/represses (first batch) will be out and shipping in early June!(Next batch will be out hopefully next year, including “Torso” and “Miserably Ever After”… Continue reading

WORMED – “Planisphærium” & “Metaportal” / VINYL PRE-ORDERS LAUNCHED TODAY!

“Art above the inferior human life“.First vinyl pressings ever.Remastered, revamped.Mandatory.Out and shipping March 3rd! →  ALL PRE-ORDERS / DETAILS AVAILABLE HERE “Future of Death Metal – 95%““A landmark in slam history – 100%““Above… Continue reading

Throne Records se convierte en el distribuidor oficial y exclusivo de •EISENWALD• y •NORDVIS• en España.

Desde Febrero 2023 Throne Records se convierte en el distribuidor oficial y exclusivo en España de dos de los mejores sellos internacionales: · EISENWALD (Alemania) · NORDVIS (Suecia) Para quienes los conozcáis, poco… Continue reading

SPECTRAL LORE – “Gnosis” 2LP │Second vinyl pressing out and shipping… NOW!

No pre-order. Long-awaited second vinyl pressing for this masterpiece has just arrived by surprise!I wanted this repress to coincide with the eagerly anticipated Spectral Lore’s “III” Trifold 3LP release (happening later this year),… Continue reading

ETHEREAL SHROUD – “Trisagion” & “They Became the Falling Ash” / VINYL 2LPs PRE-ORDER LAUNCHED TODAY!

The praised, glorious master pieces crafted over a span of 15 years. First vinyl pressing ever. Releases are currently at the final stage of production. Out and shipping along February 2023.  Brand new… Continue reading

ALTARAGE brand new album “Sol Corrupto” out and shipping NOW!

ALTARAGE’s brand new 5th album has just arrived from the pressing plant!Attention: “Sol Corrupto” is a vinyl-only release! Not to be released on CD, Tape, nor available on any digital / streaming /… Continue reading


Hell is a one-man crushing, devastating extreme Blackened Funeral Doom Drone Metal entity from Salem, featuring fellow Mizmor members at live rituals.  Out and shipping in two weeks.  Brand new exclusive merchandise available… Continue reading

DOPE SMOKER “Zeroin” LP out & shipping NOW! (no pre-order).

Given the current one-year delay state at most vinyl pressing plants, I decided not to run the usual pre-order campaign for this Throne’s TR101 release, out of pure precaution. So, this mighty Dope… Continue reading

SPECTRAL LORE: “II” (extended) 2xLP / 2xCD, and “Sentinel” 2xLP, pre-order launched today!!!

We spent several years (with much patience, care and dedication) in the making of these two unique Black Metal albums for vinyl 2xLP format. And due to the special nature of the extended… Continue reading

ULVESANG debut album repress/reissue VINYL LP PRE-ORDER LAUNCHED!

ULVESANG sought-after debut album (prior to their acclaimed sophomore album on Nordvis Productions) gets finally reissued/repressed! Comes with updated/revamped sleeve, as well as brand new vinyl colours. On top of that, brand new… Continue reading