BAND UNEARTHLY TRANCE (US) TITLE In The Red CAT. # TR59 RELEASE DATE February 2016 FORMAT VINYL LP album Gatefold sleeve RUNNING TIME 42 minutes FILE UNDER Sludge Metal, Blackened Doom, Crust, Noise… Continue reading

FORCE & FIRE – Disintegration Process VINYL LP | OUT NOW!!!

BAND FORCE & FIRE (US) TITLE Disintegration Process CAT. # TR58 RELEASE DATE February 2016 FORMAT VINYL LP album RUNNING TIME 30 minutes FILE UNDER Sludge Metal, Blackened Doom, Crust, Hardcore DETAILS FORCE… Continue reading

ASHTAR – Ilmasaari VINYL LP | OUT NOW!!!

BAND ASHTAR (Swi) TITLE Ilmasaari CAT. # TR60 RELEASE DATE November 2015 FORMAT VINYL LP album Gatefold sleeve RUNNING TIME 46 minutes FILE UNDER Pagan Blackened Doom DETAILS Switzerland’s female-fronted Ashtar is an… Continue reading

FUNERAL MOTH talk about their recent “Dense Fog” vinyl release on Throne

“We are Doom band, but we don’t try to be “loudest” or “heaviest” band as many other Doom bands do. Our music is much more atmospheric and there are a lot of tranquil… Continue reading

THE HOWLING WIND talk about their recent “Vortex” vinyl release on Throne

“It’s all just labelling for the sake of it. To me, the only question is if there is something worth listening to or not. That is all” The Howling Wind should need no… Continue reading

ASHTAR talk about their upcoming “Ilmasaari” vinyl release on Throne

  “We wanted to create a certain atmosphere that spreads through the whole album” Switzerland’s female-fronted Ashtar is an exotic and perfect blend of pagan Black Metal and Doom, with a distinctive European… Continue reading

UNEARTHLY TRANCE talk about their upcoming “In The Red” vinyl reissue on Throne

  “In a certain way, we look at In The Red as the foundation for our style” As most of you may know, Unearthly Trance is back on track! For big beasts are uneasy… Continue reading

FORCE & FIRE talk about their upcoming “Disintegration Process” vinyl release on Throne

  “There is an ambitious mentality to sound unique and we are hard to classify” FORCE&FIRE is the brand new band from Ryan Lipynsky (master-mind behind Unearthly Trance, Serpentine Path, The Howling Wind,… Continue reading

NADJA talk about their imminent “/ɪmpəˈfɛkʃ​(​ə​)​n/” vinyl release on Throne

  “We have two other albums with live drummers, but few other releases with the orchestral instruments that Vampillia plays” Been following and supporting Canada’s Nadja since their very beginning. We were so close… Continue reading

SERPENTS LAIR talk about their imminent “Demo MMXIV” vinyl release on Throne

“We are here to fuck with your mind, not to be sources of amusement” Discovered Denmark’s Serpents Lair soon after the release of their 2014 demo, and was completely blown away by its… Continue reading