Master-crafted Chilean Atmospheric Black Metal.

NO CLEAN SINGING:The stately music, while wistful and sorrowing in its atmosphere, often glows with the glint of dappled sunlight through a forest canopy as crystalline notes echo in the spaces between the shrouds of guitar abrasion and the thump and rumble of percussion. And while the vocals are cries of intense despair, the music becomes panoramic in its sweep, and it frolics as well as storms.
The captivating music ebbs and flows, juxtaposing meditative daydreams of precious things lost with wild, headlong rushes of pounding energy. Easy to lose yourself in this one…


The Collector’s Edition (translucent purple with white speckles) was sold out during pre-orders. But you can still order the black vinyl edition (ltd. to 200 copies worldwide).

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