We have a little surprise!
Before we embark in the recording of our new album in October, we are very happy to announce a new baby that was forged during the fireflies nights around summer solstice in the Leipziger Auenwald, our new EP “Vagalumes” (“Fireflies”).
7 nocturnal songs for 7 nights in the forest.

This is a beautiful video trailer by Chariot Of Black Moth, much gratitude to you Jakub Moth!

To be released via Throne Records Official and Música Máxica on December 2017 as a 10″ vinyl.
Also, the great Marina Girardi took care of the art as in our last two works.

-An old legend says that, once upon a time, there was a firefly living in some beautiful woods far from the noise of the towns of humans.
But in the same forest, there was also a snake, that one day decided to eat the firefly, and for a few days, the snake was chasing her, and the firefly was running away as fast as she could, but without gaining any more distance between her and the snake.
Until at one point, feeling exhausted and hopeless, the firefly turned around and she spoke to the snake, ”Can i ask you three questions?”, to what the snake answered, “I’m not used to concede such a request, but since i’m going to devour you anyway, you can ask those three questions.”
So the firefly proceeded:
-”Am i part of your food chain?” Asked she.
-”No, you are not” said the snake.
-”Have I done any wrong to you?” The firefly asked her second question.
-”No, you haven’t” answered the snake.
-”Then, why do you want to kill me?”
-”Because i can’t stand to see you shine”.-