Throne Records discloses most of the upcoming vinyl releases for the rest of the year and 2018!

Throne discloses most of the upcoming releases; including the debut albums of AILS (post-Ludicra), ENTROPY CREATED CONSCIOUSNESS, LOWERED, as well as brand new releases from SANGRE DE MUÉRDAGO, LA TORTURE DES TÉNÈBRES, PROFETUS, NADJA, topping it off with some represses of classic Throne back catalog such as CORRUPTED or MACHETAZO.



Ails is the new band formed by Christy Cather (guitars and vocals) and Laurie Shanaman (lead vocals) whom you probably remember from their years in Ludicra.


Lowered is a brand new project from Portland, Oregon. Their debut album is something big, huge I would say.


This mysterious artist delivers a milestone debut album entitled “Impressions of the morning star“. This album is a whole trip for the mind, words do no justice.


Canada’s LTDT is absolutelysomething else. Very hard to describe and categorize. For some it would be plain Noise, not music. For others this might even be Atmospheric Black Metal. They’ve been even described as a failed audio-transmission from the future. Who knows, who cares.
Throne will release on 2xLP their 3rd album “Civilization is the tomb of our noble gods“, as well as their brand new album “Memoirs of a machine girl“.


Out of mutual respect and personal friendship for more than 20 years now, SDM (one of the best “neo-folk” bands on planet Earth) offered Throne a true gift; releasing a brand new and different recording. “Vagalumes” (fireflies) is a classic guitar-only recording. It’s got the recognizeable Sangre De Muerdago spirit and sound, but it’s also something else. This magic session will be released as a 10″ vinyl.


Profetus from Finland (featuring members from Wormphlegm and Tyranny) will see their classic 2009 debut album “Coronation of the black sun” pressed on to vinyl for the first time. Not only this has been re-mastered by Dan Lowndes from Resonance Sound Studio specially for vinyl and including brand new artwork, but it will also contain their 2007 “Saturnine” demo as bonus on the 4th side. CD version out sooner through Japan’s Weird Truth Productions.
This is absolutely cvlt Finnish Funeral Doom; “Thergothon may very well have finally discovered its true heirs in Profetus“.


Canada / Berlin power-duo and long time friends Nadja will see two of their best full length albums pressed on to vinyl for the first time. No other than “Skin turns to glass” and “Autopergamene“.
Both albums contain new arrangements, new recordings, new mastering, and new artwork. These are totally brand new experiences when compared to the original CD-only releases.

Re-presses scheduled

CORRUPTED‘s “Nadie” 12″ was originally released by Throne in 2008. Later on (2014) a repress was released. Now, it’s time for a 3rd pressing. More details soon.

MACHETAZO‘s “Sinfonías del terror ciego” LP was originally released by Throne in 2005, limited to 500 copies. With time, it’s become one of the most sought-after Machetazo recordings. This conceptual 3rd album is the first one featuring the Dopico brothers stable 3-piece line-up and captured the band at their peak.

There are a few more in the works which cannot be disclosed at this point in time, but will eventually be.