“I was attracted to this album – it happens to be the debut full-length for one-man post-BM band Lascar – by its cover art, a reproduction of “Sterbender Hirsch” (“Dying Deer”), done some time before 1913 by Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach (1851 – 1913), a painter who lived by anarchist principles, was a vegetarian and spent part of his life living in two utopian communes in Austria and Switzerland run more or less according to socialist / anarchist principles. At least the German painter and Lascar man Gabriel Hugo share a love of nature across time and space – let’s see if Lascar’s music also matches Diefenbach’s approach (which was sometimes unconventional) to his art.
The album offers up powerful and heartfelt emotional music with a strong BM base of showering tremolo guitar background, juddering beats and anguished screaming. Slashing riffs and doomy dramatic melodies dominate proceedings. “Atlas” is a strong track with thumping drums and passages of intense melodic drama redolent of stark desert and mountain landscapes where humans can feel small against soaring jagged peaks or bare plains and plateaux that stretch endlessly into the far distances. Acoustic guitar sometimes appears, most memorably in the last couple of minutes with a near-jangly rhythm. “Wilderness” is a more straightforward BM piece with rapid machine-gunning beats and a rougher edge. The acid-shower guitars pour down continuously and sometimes a synthesiser makes its presence felt in the background. The thundering synth drums are the strongest element in this droning track. The remaining two tracks follow in a similar manner as the first two: they’re all mostly instrumental pieces with vocals in the far distant background, and all rely on melodies, riffs and rhythms that change throughout their respective pieces.
On the whole this is very grand and epic flowing music with the potential to inspire people to get out and hike up and down mountains and through valleys no matter what the weather conditions are. There is a lot of deep emotion, much of it quite weepy and anguished, in all four tracks.
Lascar has a very powerful sound and a distinct style of shimmering post-BM. The album lays a solid foundation for what hopefully will be a long and interesting career.”

“LASCAR play unpolished atmospheric black metal with burzumesque vocals, sometimes quick, sometimes drifty, always keeping up the flow. I like epic black metal, which concentrates on establishing a melancholic, dreamy atmosphere instead of hyper-complex songwriting, as perfect background music.
My thoughts start to flow without being disturbed, so it is easy to be creative or to go on a journey in thoughts. Very inspiring!”
(supporter H.L. at Lascar’s Bandcamp)