UNEARTHLY TRANCE talk about their upcoming “In The Red” vinyl reissue on Throne



“In a certain way, we look at In The Red as the foundation for our style”

As most of you may know, Unearthly Trance is back on track! For big beasts are uneasy to kill.
In order to celebrate the great news, we decided to repress one of their most iconic albums (sold out for almost a decade now). Being one of the band members’ favourite recordings, previous to their signing to Relapse Records, this monster album will be reissued on the superior format along this summer.

Time is ruthless, that’s a fact. Any album beating the test of time becomes a classic on its own. Does the band members see “In The Red” this way from today’s perspective? ““In The Red” is one of my favorite things I have ever recorded. Mainly for the reason that is is so honest and it is where UT really came into its own. We were really hungry and really began to craft what I think it is our signature sound. We introduced more influences and direction with more texture, tone and noise. I remember driving all the way from NY to Chicago with our van filled with our gear. We unloaded at Sanford Parkers old studio and used every piece of gear that we brought with us on the album. Every other album it was always a mixture of studios stuff and our own, but this was UT in its purest essence. We essentially recorded the album live and then did overdubs. We banged it out fast in a few days and it was a great experience. Sanford really understood us and our sound and it shows”.

“I feel like there is a whole generation of people that really don’t know this album.  It is hard to find and it still holds up compared to our first album which to me has many flaws. I think putting “In The Red” out on vinyl again makes perfect sense as we still hold the album in high regards. I want it to be out there!”


It’s clear this reissue has to be released now. Furthermore “the new version will feature an expanded gatefold layout and artwork done by myself and Nick Sciacca. Nick still had all these pieces to the layout that we worked on from years ago, so it was awesome to be able to work on the layout a bit more for this re-release. The recording will be the same but I did consider remastering it. But decided against it because there is actually very little mastering done on the album. After we finished the mixes in Chicago, we brought it back to New York and went to Jared from Thralldoms studio were we did some light compression and minimal equalization that we had done using notes from Sanford. Again, a very pure and honest recording. Compare “In The Red” to our next album “The Trident” ; the heavy handed mastering on “The Trident”  really took away from the final outcome of that album in my opinion. Which is a shame, but I fully stand behind the sound of “In The Red”.

“In The Red” is still present in UT’s todays live set: “We always play songs off “In The Red” live. “Pentagrams” , “In The Red”, “…Never and Forever…”.  In fact, the last time UT played before we disbanded a few years ago, we played the entire album beginning to end. “In The Red” is one of the most important UT songs. It has a certain magic that is invoked every time we play it. I think the songs fit right in with any of other albums. In a certain way, we look at this album as the foundation for our style”.

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