SERPENTS LAIR talk about their imminent “Demo MMXIV” vinyl release on Throne


“We are here to fuck with your mind, not to be sources of amusement”

Discovered Denmark’s Serpents Lair soon after the release of their 2014 demo, and was completely blown away by its two long songs right after the very first listen. Few new bands have caught my attention the way SL have done. Some months after, that demo is receiving vinyl treatment via Throne Records.

First thing shocking the viewer is SL’s occult appearance, not in the way of some trendy band we all have in mind nowadays, but in a more obscure and subtle way: “The reason for the somewhat clandestine appearance was made early on as we view ourselves as conduits for the energies we’re trying to channel to the audience. We would rather have people succumb to the abyss than to focus on whoever is behind it. I will add that we will never be the band jumping around on stage as the majority of listeners expect nowadays. We are here to fuck with your mind, not to be sources of amusement”.

Even though this demo is their first ever recording under the banner of Serpents Lair, the core members have been playing together in other bands prior to SL. “Our mutual agreements allowed us to flesh out the two songs in a pretty short time”. These two songs on the demo seem to be the very first two songs of Serpents Lair; “If we did write something before the demo, it was probably left out due to stylistic reasons”.

As the whole thing on the demo was written, arranged and recorded by just two persons, I was curious about the whole recording process: “We recorded guitars/bass/vocals, and drums/vocals, respectively. It took us no longer than a day to record everything you hear on the demo so everything went pretty much by instincts”. They were so certain about their sound: “Our friend helped us with the recording equipment, and we guided him on the mixing afterwards”.

SL’s debut album (“Circumambulating The Still Born”) is already recorded and will be released shortly after this demo’s vinyl, so comparisons between both recordings are obvious. When questioned about the main differences: “The first thing striking the listener is probably the improved vocal arrangements. We spent a hell of a lot more time on making them sound as powerful as possible and since we recorded the album as a 4 piece, there’s more the feeling of a live entity. The sound on the album is somewhat ‘’cleaner’’ and more ‘’earthly’’ compared with the demo but still raw in its own way”. Yet “we’re still a band in the middle of defining our sound so naturally there’s room for improvement, as it should be”.

serpents lair live