NADJA talk about their imminent “/ɪmpəˈfɛkʃ​(​ə​)​n/” vinyl release on Throne

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“We have two other albums with live drummers, but few other releases with the orchestral instruments that Vampillia plays”

Been following and supporting Canada’s Nadja since their very beginning. We were so close to release on vinyl their debut album “Skin Turns To Glass” just before I had to stop the label a few years ago. Once Throne was up and running again, they were so kind to re-stablish contact and here we are! Some more vinyl releases will follow (including that old project “Skin…”), but in this article we’ll focus on Nadja’s collaboration with Japan’s VAMPILLIA. No other than “Imperfection”, a truly special album which is about to get released on vinyl (originally released as a limited CD for their joint japanese tour in June 2014).

One of the strong points of this album is its real drumming and classical string arrangements, fitting so well with the droney sludge ambient noise Nadja is world famous for: “We have two other albums with live drummers — Mac McNeilly on “Dagdrom” (Broken Spine) and Jakob Thiesen on “Desire In Uneasiness” (Crucial Blast) — but few other releases with the orchestral instruments that Vampillia plays”.

When a recording of this special nature is arranged, one is curious to know the whole process… what, who, when, how! “We provided guitar and bass and Vampillia added strings, vocals, piano, more guitars, and live drums. We recorded rough tracks first and shared them online with Vampillia, who wrote and recorded their parts and sent them back to us, and we did the final mixing and mastering of their and our sessions”. 

The story of Nadja and Vampillia goes back to 2011 though: “We first got in touch with Vampillia when they asked to do a remix of a track from their album “Alchemic Heart” on Important Records, which we did. We then talked about touring together and they brought us to Japan for the first time in 2012 and again in 2014. We also toured together in Europe in 2013 and did perform together at a few of these shows. For our first Japanese tour together, we released the collaborative album “The Primitive World” (re-worked and re-issued as “The Perfect World” by Important Records in 2013), so wanted to do another album for our 2014 Japanese tour. We used drum machine on “The Primitive World,” which gives it a fairly different character than “Imperfection”.